From 14th to 17th September 2017, Ruijie Networks has exhibited in the Turkey ISAF Exhibitions (hereinafter referred to as ISAF) consisting of 5 sub-exhibitions: Security, IT Security, Smart Home, Safety & Health and Fire & Rescue. ISAF is Turkey's largest and only comprehensive professional exhibition in the field. Since the exhibition was first organized, ISAF has been attracting global professionals to the event. The 21st exhibition in 2017 has attracted 215 exhibitors and almost 20,000 professional visitors worldwide. 

As a renowned brand in the field of data communication solutions, Ruijie co-exhibited with 6 partners including Nokta Elektronik, Bimel, Ergen, Batu Savunma, Ülkem and Vega Technology in the International Security Exhibition. Ruijie exhibited its switches, wireless and other products in the exhibition, attracting the attention of a large number of visitors. 


As one of China's earliest switch manufacturers, Ruijie keeps up with the international technology trends from the industry's first second-generation high-density 10G switch to the world's first 100G switch, leading Chinese users to meet the wave of changes in network applications. After years of development, Ruijie has launched a number of switch series including 2 major categories: data center and campus network switches. In this exhibition, Ruijie has exhibited the RG-N18000-X, RG-S6220, RG-S2910, RG-S5750, RG-S7808C and other switch series.

Ruijie also exhibited its wireless products and solutions such as the RG-AP740-I equipped with the exclusive X-Sense Smart Antenna in the exhibition. Ruijie’s wireless division has launched innovative scenario-oriented solutions such as the medical zero-roaming solution and new wireless office solution, which have significantly enhanced the wireless experience of users in various industries and put Ruijie in the No.1 position of enterprise-class WLAN market share in a variety of industries such as transportation, finance and education in China. 


Ruijie’s HPoE switches were deployed in the exhibition for network surveillance cameras. HPoE deployment is simple, safe and stable. HPoE power supply and data transmission can be provided with just a single cable, which successfully fulfilled the requirements of the ISAF video surveillance tasks. 

In addition to the switches and wireless products exhibited in this event, as the representative of China’s first national innovative enterprises, Ruijie’s self-developed products also consist of 11 product lines, including routers, cloud data center, cloud desktop, security, gateways, IT management, authentication and accounting, e-classroom and mobile application platforms. With the innovative products and solutions, Ruijie has won user's recognition as well as the leading position in the market. According to the statistics of the industry’s authoritative consulting agencies IDC and CCW Research, Ruijie ranks first in the market share of fields such as campus network authentication solutions and virtualized computer classroom solutions. 

In the overseas market, Ruijie adheres to the concept of “strong industry roots and in-depth scenario analysis” as always, and maintains the continuous investment and innovation of the core technical capability to provide end-to-end solutions for users of various industries and continues to create new values for the global network.