Zhengzhou Railway Bureau announced that they would deploy Wi-Fi equipment for nearly 100 trains under their jurisdiction, and it means that Zhengzhou Railway Bureau will achieve full Wi-Fi coverage for all their air conditioning normal speed trains, and Ruijie Networks is honored to be the Wi-Fi products and solutions provider.

Altogether, 87 trains of over 1,700 railway carriages will be covered with Wi-Fi; and every railway carriages will install a host and a signal transmitter, to ensure that the signal is good.

The Wi-Fi network on the train is consist of two different types:  LAN and Internet; in the LAN there are hundreds of movies for passengers to watch during the journey;and if passengers want to connect to the Internet, they can register through their phone to access the internet.


Currently, the Wi-Fi deployment work is speeding up, and is estimated to finish by the end of this September, and will officially put into use after testing and operation.