In the Global SDNFV Tech Conference 2016, the global SDN testing and certification center issued the OpenFlow v1.3 Conformance Certification to Ruijie for passing the OpenFlow v1.3 conformance certification tests with the RG-S6220-48XS6QXS-H data center and cloud computing 10G switch, recognizing Ruijie’s leading technology.

The ONF Executive Chairman Dan Pitt (left) and Global SDNFV Tech Conference Chairman Liu Dong (right) issued the OpenFlow v1.3 Conformance Certificate to Ruijie

In recent years, the new network architecture with SDN/NFV as the core technology has become the most popular area of research in the global networking field. Related products and technologies have been released intensively and SDN devices have emerged in large number. The OpenFlow v1.3 Certificate of Conformance is currently the only certificate in the SDN market to test whether the device demonstrates conformance to the OpenFlow specifications, which has played a key role in regulating the SDN market and promoting industrial development. Passing the certification tests not only shortens the development cycles for the manufacturers and increases user confidence of deployment, but also reflects the technological advancement of the related devices in the SDN field.

Ruijie RG-S6220-48XS6QXS-H Switch Received the ONF OpenFlow v1.3 Conformance Certification

Ruijie’s testing product has successfully passed the 356 certification tests of the OpenFlow v1.3 certification, which verifies that Ruijie’s Large Layer 2 product architecture has fully satisfied the requirements of user SDN network. RG-S6220-48XS6QXS-H is Ruijie’s next-generation data center and cloud computing line rate product, which is in line with the development trends of North-South data center traffic. Its SDN deployment is ideal for high-traffic next-generation data center. RG-S6220-48XS6QXS-H is also the only testing product that has completed the EVPN VXLAN test with Ixia equipment in the 2016 Spring SDNFV Fest testing activity. Prior to this, Ruijie RG-N18010 cloud architecture network core switch has also received the OpenFlow v1.3 certification. With network convergence technology, the RG-S6220-H Series can work together with the RG-N18000 Series to provide Large Layer 2 technology for the entire network to fully meet the non-blocking uplink requirement of large data center 10G servers.

In the certification ceremony, Ruijie demonstrated the industry’s exclusive service chain solution to more than 1,500 participants. The SDN traffic management capability and operation continuity of Ruijie RG-ONC Open Network Controller have been fully verified. The core technologies of smart open network platform RG-ONP and RG-ONC controller enable centralized management of 3,000 network equipment nodes of the entire network and supports flexible management of 3 million flow table entries and 50,000 subnets.

Ruijie established an OpenFlow team 4 years ago to start commercial deployment of the SDN products, which is the first among the domestic network communications vendors. Receiving the ONF OpenFlow v1.3 Conformance Certification again shows that Ruijie’s products not only meet the relevant SDN standards, but also guarantee high credibility for commercial application. In the future, Ruijie will continue to develop innovations based on users’ deployment needs and launch more outstanding products in the market to promote the development of SDN ecosystem in China and around the world.