The China SDN/NFV Conference 2016 was held in Beijing from 12th to 13th April with the theme of “Next-generation Network: Change Has Begun”. The conference was directed by the Communication Development Division of MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and organized by the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance. It focused on the technological change in the field of SDN/NFV and the latest developments in the industry. As the leading brand of data communication solutions in China, Ruijie participated in the conference and promoted SDN with the new concept of “Network Simplification for Future Network” by creating an application-oriented smart network platform for the users.

China SDN/NFV Conference 2016

“Simplicity” is the Key of SDN
This is an era of ever-changing technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Industrial Internet, etc. From information superhighway to Industry 4.0, the network has always been the cornerstone of information transmission and “simplicity” is the key for the future network. Similarly, the creation of SDN is to construct an open, programmable and application-related network so that the network features are no longer limited by the complex hardware devices. Therefore, “Network Simplicity” is the key for SDN to evolve from concept to implementation.

Guided by this concept, Ruijie SDN solution has adopted the open standard protocol from the beginning which enables fast network deployment and application delivery. Corresponding automated on-demand delivery can be provided according to the network scale to better support the cloud infrastructure and improve resources utilization as well as flexibility, thereby reducing the cost of network construction and maintenance for the users.

After 4 years of continuous exploration, Ruijie has launched a commercial open network controller based on the smart open network platform and solutions such as scenario-based network gateway service chain, data center overlay, precise security access control and flow visualization, which are deployed and validated in various customer scenarios. Ruijie not only becomes the industry’s only vendor which proposes similar solutions, but also brings the simple and easy-to-use “future network” to the users, demonstrating Ruijie’s technical strength in the SDN technology and the ability to develop differentiated solutions.

Ruijie’s staff explaining Ruijie SDN solution to the booth visitors

Unleash the New Power of SDN via Scenario-based Solutions
In face of the industrial revolution, the next-generation network platforms represented by SDN can only unleash their maximum powers by focusing on the features of different industries and application scenarios.

In the conference, Ruijie has demonstrated the technical architecture, management scheduling capabilities and SDN network control requirements of the smart open network SDN controller to the visitors and discussed the implementation of SDN technology in different application scenarios of various industries via in-depth communication.

For example, the SME SDN network based on the Ruijie RG-ONP platform can fully replace the L2/L3 communications feature of the traditional network. By upgrading the RG-ONC controller software, features such as VPN, tunnel, NAT, IDS/IPS can be supported to further realize the features of traditional gateway and security devices. The continuous improvement in performance and security greatly reduces users’ investment on fixed capital.

Furthermore, a series of solutions such as Ruijie’s WAN link load balancing and SOHO access were showcased at the conference. Under the theme of “Network Simplification for Future Network”, the solutions offer the best user experience for different network scenarios, putting forward the value proposition of a simpler, more open and intelligent future network.

Currently, Ruijie is actively promoting the application and innovation of SDN, for example the full support of the National University Student Competition of SDN Application Innovation and Development. In the future, Ruijie will continue to explore in the field of SDN/NFV to promote the application development of China’s network technologies.