Recently, IDC published “China Quarterly WLAN Market Tracker, Q2 2015”. Data shows that Ruijie leaps to first in China enterprise WLAN market, and the market share rise to 23.34%. Ruijie’s ranking in China WLAN market keeps rising, and according to IDC, Ruijie tops to 1st in Q2 2015 compared to 2nd  in Q1 2015, , Ruijie shows a continuous breakthrough and innovation in WLAN field.

In recent years, adheres to the concept of " innovation based on scenarios", Ruijie released a large number of WLAN products and solutions for government, finance, Internet, transportation, education, medical treatment, operators, construction and other industries, these WLAN products and solutions won the support and recognition of users, and contribute to Ruijie’s industry-wide coverage in China WLAN market. At the same time, Ruijie innovative technologies such as, i-Share, X-sense, zero roaming, etc. solved the problem of poor wireless experience under different application scenarios in fields like, dormitory, hospital, logistics, subway and etc., In addition, Ruijie also innovate in wireless network application field such as, WeChat marketing, intelligent transportation, retail, mobile finance; thus, further introduced customized intelligent network solutions, and make mobile internet becomes a useful tool for users.

In the global WLAN market, the continued trend in enterprises of providing ubiquitous wireless access for mission-critical enterprise applications is inevitable, and the highly promising 802.11ac standard will enable more applications to move to wireless; the continuous development of WLAN technology is the key to support this trend. Facing the complicated demands under the new business applications, Ruijie is fully prepared, and can provide intelligent, simplified, easy to management and excellent performance wireless solutions, by combining the cloud and big data analysis system. With the integration of mobile Internet and business application scenarios, the concept of “innovate based on scenarios” will show more exuberant vitality