According to the statistics from the Traffic management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security in 2013, the number of private cars in China has increased by 13 times in the past 10 years. With the surge in the number of driving test candidates, the existing driving tests which are carried out by driving examiners have faced many challenges, such as limited number of driving examiners, inefficiency of driving test carried out by examiners, different evaluation standards from different examiners, etc. Bribery of driving test examiners has also questioned the fairness of the driving test.

In June 2014, the driving test of Zhejiang Jinhua Driving License Management Office has undergone electronic transformation. Ruijie together with the China Mobile Jinhua branch helps Jinhua Driving License Management Office develop a high-quality and high—security 4G driving test solution which is applied to 40 vehicles in the driving test. This is the first electronic driving test case in the entire Zhejiang province using 4G technology.


Ruijie 4G Electronic Driving Test Solution


  • The electronic driving test system is deployed on the vehicles used in the driving tests. All test results are evaluated by the computer system to ensure the fairness of the test result. HD cameras are deployed in the vehicles for monitoring to ensure an open and transparent test. After deploying the HD cameras, only a security officer is required in the car. The examiner can evaluate the candidates’ performance remotely in the test center via the monitoring screen to effectively save human resources.  
  • The core of the entire solution is the network transmission channel constructed by Ruijie’s routers. All test data and surveillance videos require a high-bandwidth 4G network for real-time transmission.
  • The anti-shock and wide temperature range design of Ruijie’s 4G router has overcome the vibrating and high-temperature environment of the vehicles to ensure the stable operation of device and prevent device failure due to the environment that will affect the driving test process.
  • The environment and weather will affect the 4G wireless network and the bandwidth fluctuation will also cause buffering of the video. The built-in ITO intelligent transmission optimization feature in Ruijie’s 4G router effectively solves this problem so that the examiner can clearly observe the test situation in the vehicle.
  • In the driving test process, the driving test system will upload the candidates’ information and test data. 50% of the traditional driving test networks do not have VPN or data encryption. Via deploying VPN encryption tunnel and SM1 encryption algorithm of the Office of State Commercial Cryptography Administration, Ruijie’s 4G driving test solution ensures that the candidates’ information and test results will not be stolen or tampered.

New System Is Highly Praised by Candidates and the Media
In July 2014, the 4G electronic driving test system was officially implemented.


On the 6th August 2014, Zhejiang TV conducted a special interview for Jinhua Driving Test Center. Several newspapers and online media have also reported the news.
Ruijie’s 4G Driving Test Solution not only offers high-security and high-quality network for driving test management, but also improve efficiency and save human resources.
A candidate who passed the driving test expressed, “I passed the driving test and wasn’t nervous at all. Without the examiner sitting beside me, I think I can perform better.”