Police force in Huairou District, Beijing carried out a series of security measures to ensure the APEC 2014 meetings run smoothly in a stable and secure community. A total of 1,000 high-definition surveillance cameras were installed. In-car video surveillance system was also implemented in 157 police cars and 60 local vehicles. All formed a highly secure ‘Sky Web’ for zero security dead zones, covering all entrances and exits in the area as well as populated places such as schools, commerical areas, gas stations and so on.  
Ruijie, as the sole network device provider for the security upgrade, fully considered the HD video transmission capacity of all devices in the front line and their respective benefits for user’s real-time application. Ruijie provided an end-to-end solution to meet the demading network needs of ‘Sky Web’.

The police had been upgrading the security measures since China announced it would host APEC at Yanqi Lake. Key areas carried out digital HD surveillance upgrade. One of the security measures used the latest infrared cameras to achieve face recognition within 30m, improving precision and efficiency. Gun-shaped network cameras offered 1080P/30fps real-time HD recording around the clock for exceptional performance and reliability.

  Ruijie’s Network Simplicity Solution leveraged the advantages of VSU (Virtual Switching Unit) cloud switching technology to simplify the network architecture, reduce management and maintenace complexity. The VSU technology virtualized 2 physical core switches into one logical device for unified operation. It achieved network simplification, upgraded network stability and minimized failover time.
Network innovations are beneficial to security application in various fields such as IP surveillance, finance, customs, transport and so on. In addition to the existing 342 groups of surveillance devices and 2,180 registered cameras from 260 government units as backup, the police further implemented 1,000 HD cameras for advanced security. Teaming up with Ruijie’s high-performance transmission platform, all the measures formed a best-in-class security network to ensure the safety of APEC in Beijing.