The Malaysia Keretapi Tanah MelayuBerhad (KTMB) is the main rail operator in Peninsular Malaysia. The organization was corporatized in 1992 and wholly owned by the Malaysian government. The 1,677 km railway network in Peninsular Malaysia which is controlled by KTMB consists of two main lines and several branch lines. The current KTMB route covers West Coast and East Coast of peninsular Malaysia. The West Coast line runs from Padang Besar in Malaysia. TheEast Coast line runs between Gemas in Negeri Sembilan and Tumpat in Kelantan.
Ruijie upgraded the Malaysia KTMB Central Zone Backbone for the IP Surveillance Solution 2 years ago. Backbone equipment of Ruijie is deployed including 2 core switches with VSU, 47 distribution switches, 58 access switches and the Ruijie SNC Network Management.

Figure 22. KTMB Surveillance Solution

Ruijie SNC Network Management is of faulty device while offering user deployed in the solution for centralized friendly device management. Ruijie network management, total network SNC also provides device configuration device visibility and visualization. It protection, proactive alert and alarm enables quick detection and location through SMS, email or log.

Figure 23. Ruijie SNC offers unified management of devices

Virtual Switching Unit (VSU) Chassis Core is also deployed in the Ruijie Enterprise Solution for KTMB Railway. 2 core switches are virtualized into 1 logical unit to provide active-active operation and easy management. The carrier-grade, high resiliency VSU eliminates single point of failure in mission critical application. It also supports sub-second failover and provides >7Tbps switching capacity with port flexibility of 32 x 10G port and 384 x GE ports. The modular service module also offers high scalability for future expansion.
The solution adopts the seamless failover design which offers carrier- grade millisecond failover. Minimum or no impact on the network activity will be caused during any link failure.
High-performance L3 PoE+ switches are deployed in the solution to offer up to 200Gbps switching capacity with future scalability of up to 4 x 10G SFP+). It offers flexible port type for selection of up to 8 combo SFP. The L3 PoE+ switches support virtual switching technology and carrier- grade sub-second failover. Redundant PS and PoE+ are supported by the high-performance L3 PoE+ switch. The unified IPv6 and IPv4 RGOS system is supported with rich security features such as CPP and NFPP. The high-performance L3 PoE+ switches are easy to manage with GUI or CLI.
The Ruijie IP Surveillance Solution for Malaysia KTMB delivered all the benefits that KTMB needed and more. In the actual deployment in KTMB, the upload speed is higher than before which can meet the high-definition video surveillance requirements. Fast failover rate ensures the smooth operation of real-time monitoring. To facilitate the operation and management of the Malaysia IP Surveillance Solution, the Ruijie SNC Network Management Software is adopted. The simple and convenient graphical user interface ensures stable operation of the surveillance network.