In order to enhance the current surveillance video quality and provide better services to the Public Security Bureau, the Quanzhou Public Security Bureau construct a high- definition monitoring and video private network for the area under jurisdiction according to the guidance of relevant state policies and the Fujian PublicSecurity Department. Ruijie deploys over 8000 surveillance points for the Quanzhou City-wide IP Surveillance Solution, covering the surveillance network of 13 counties to form a high- speed video surveillance network for fast transmission and wide application of the high-definition surveillance video.

i. Construct a high-speed transmission network for the multi-service development needs of the Quanzhou Public Security Bureau. Currently, a lot of services are hosted on the Quanzhou Public Security Network such as the alarming system, PGIS system and the three-in-one system. However, the bandwidth of the public security network is limited. The City- wide IP Surveillance requires a large- scale video surveillance terminal, real- time access and high requirements for network bandwidth and latency. A high-speed transmission network is required to meet the business development needs.
ii. Construct a secure transmission network to ensure the video transmission security. The video private network requires data exchange with the Public Security Golden Shield Network. The network should have a clear and effective security boundary to ensure information security.
iii. Construct an effective network management platform. Quanzhou City-wide IP Surveillance involves the district and town police stations. The network environment is complicated with a large number of front-end cameras, which requires a practical network platform to control and manage the network, while displaying the network traffic to ensure the stable and high-quality transmission of the surveillance video.

Surveillance Network Design
The Quanzhou City-wide IP Surveillance Solution adopts a network design independent of the video surveillance private network of the Public Security Network to host the surveillance system. The Public Security Network and the video private network host the networking platform and the sharing platform respectively. The overall architecture and network topology is as follows:

Figure 19. Quanzhou City-wide IP Surveillance Network Architecture

i. Adopts all-IP video surveillance architecture based on 3 layers of Public Security video transmission network to achieve the transmission of video information, control information and video related services. The Gigabit access and 10G core offer high transmission bandwidth for the 3 layers of video transmission private network. The abundant bandwidth and low latency meet the multi-service needs of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau and offer protection for video transmission.
ii. The video transmission private network is independent of the Public Security Data Network while connected with it (Golden Shield Network). The firewall ensures thesecurity of the backbone network border and controls the front-end surveillance system to ensure the network border security.
iii. The network design complies with the requirements of the Public Security Management at different levels. Surveillance branch centers are set up for the County Public Security Bureau and police stations. The County Public Security Bureau and police stations access to the video surveillance images to achieve distributed image management. The Municipal surveillance center is set up for the Municipal Public Security Bureau to achieve unified management of the surveillance resources and public security management.

A High-quality Video Private Network
The network construction offers a video private network of high standard, advanced security and ease of management.
i. Based on the 3-layer traditional network architecture of the municipal, county and police station, the solution offers data distribution and redundancy features through the 10G ring network design to ensure high- speed transmission and video stability, thereby enhancing the robustness of the network. For better quality of the video private network, detailed analysis is performed on the video data, including the data stream from the front-end camera to the access layer, access layer to aggregation layer and aggregation layer to the core. Bandwidth links and interfaces are designed based on the analysis results to meet the requirements of the video surveillance service for higher video quality.
ii. The solution ensures the security of the backbone network and access security considerations for the IP Surveillance video private network. Firstly, for the access security, the secure access management of the cameras is achieved by the security
features of the access switch and the management software. Secondly, the secure transmission of data in the backbone network is ensured by the firewall module of the backbone network security design.
iii. Through the integration of the standardized surveillance system and resources, the city-wide surveillance video resources sharing is achieved, providing strong support for Quanzhou to strengthen its police force. The transparent traffic management design manages the network traffic, ensure the network availability and smooth operation of key services, which will play an important role in the development of video surveillance services. Also, the built-in networkmanagement software in the surveillance platform displays the network topology and detailed information of devices intuitively. Network administrators can obtain the network architecture and device information easily with the simplified network management.