On August 14, 2014, The well-known IT media "e-zone" in Hong Kong and Macao organized "e-brand awards" ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. After the voting and other multiple audits selections, Ruijie ultimately beat the opponent and won the Best of Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution.

Everyone nowadays has at least one WiFi device. WiFi network has become the easiest entrance for mobile Internet. It shortens distance between shopping malls and customers. In Ruijie MCP (Market Cloud Portal) solution,The customers could become permanent users after accessing the network once. Customers are looking for accurate info and easily accessible services. All can be solved by optimal Internet access. Shopping malls collect various info and manage user groups via the wireless network. Marketing staff can hence effectively send messages to the target user groups. Merchants can effectively manage and improve their businesses performance through the data collected in the wireless network. Giving sales a boost on the whole.

Ruijie = Brilliant Network + Refined Positioning + Precision Marketing