Innovation and cooperation are the precondition for the continuous growth of a company. They also lead the change in the industry and are the keys to help channels succeed. As a leading network solution provider in China, Ruijie Networks held the 2014 Partner Conference in Guang Zhou on March 10th.More than 1600 partners from China and overseas lighted the prairie with the fire of innovation and cooperation with the aim of“Cooperation on Building Our Chinese Dream”.

In the light of “Innovation for Clients and Success with Partners”, Ruijie Networks takes the responsibility of building a powerful and reliable network with our partners.

During the conference, Ruijie Networks President Liu Zhongdong elucidated "The dream of China". In his point of view, as the exposure of “PRISM”, the alarm of information security had been ringing.Actually, the Chinese Dream has the connotation of the dream of powerful network development.

In his speech, Mr. Liu mentioned that the Chinese enterprises represented by Ruijie Networks should be responsible for helping China change from a large network country to a powerful network country. To realize the dream of China, we should follow the path of China, carry forward the Chinese spirit and gather the strength of China.

Inspur President Wang Endong, ZheJiang Dahua President Fu Liquan, Taiji President Liu Huaisong, Linewell President Wu Zhixiong, Ruijie Networks President Liu Zhongdong and other guests jointly attended the Localization Strategic Cooperation Forum. Meanwhile, they discussed deeply on some hot topics, including self-dependent innovation, information security, policy guidance, industry chain and etc.

Wang Endong mentioned in his speech, “Information security issues are definitely not appalling. To ensure the security of information, we only have two options: either no network or autonomous control. The partnership of manufacturers can develop comprehensive competitiveness of the industrial chain. More importantly, we could create greater value for our clients with focus on their needs.” Huang Yihao mentioned that he believed the win-win situation which is called “1+1>2”could be achieved through the cooperation of manufacturers.

As we all know, Ruijie Networks is an enterprise company which aim at innovations and creating miracles. In 2013, Ruijie Networks achieved 40% of business growth, of which 91% was achieved by Ruijie Networks and its partners. Ruijie Networks’ business philosophy is to help our partners succeed and create network value for its end users. In 2014,  Ruijie Networks will keep innovating to launch the next series of technological innovation and marketing promotion so as to allow more users to experience the true value and fascination of network.

In the Partner Conference, Ruijie Networks demonstrated a wide variety of innovative solutions and products for clients. For example, “Network Simplicity” offers the industry’s highest performance with the “One Device For One Network”feature. It significantly reduces the investment in network maintenance and the TCO of information system. The X-Sense Plus Series, which enables the signal to follow users’ moves, provides the unprecedented wireless experience and sets up a mobile network under the “big wireless" concept for clients.

Moreover, the solutions based on the industrial applications such as COffice and Cloud Learning build the “Cloud Ladder” which leads to the future for Chinese customers. What’s more, the PowerGet content network offers a wide variety of apps including Cloud Learning, Cloud Office and Cloud Life. All these new products and technologies form a powerful and innovative localization network.

Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the flag of industrial alliance has been raised and the engine of independent innovation has been started, leading us to create the next miracle.