Sochi Winter Olympics has now come to an end. From the news of Li Jianrou’s dramatic victory of China’s first gold medal to the off-the-field athlete tidbits in the Olympic Village, Xinhua News Agency has never missed any with the real-time mobile news platform powered by Ruijie. Ruijie’s professional team and the “Network Simplicity” solution delivered powerful support and guaranteed speed transmission of Olympic news to sports fans all over China as if they were there cheering for the athletes.
The network application of Sochi Winter Olympics coincides with the leapfrogging development of network technology. The fiber optic network, virtual network, IPTV and the free WiFi for athletes with largest coverage ever appeared for the first time. Ruijie and Xinhua News Agency are no stranger to each other – both have worked in close collaboration on real-time news coverage back in 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics. Ruijie has continued to deliver outstanding technical support to the Xinhua News Agency Mobile Platform at the Sochi Games. Ruijie provided a reliable, advanced and efficient technical support platform for news reporting and also played an important role in optimizing the operation and maintenance solution with innovative technologies.
The popularity of mobile Internet technology not only supports the social platforms (e.g. Weibo, Wechat) and electronic business platforms (e.g. Taobao, Alibaba) in China, but also leads the news media into the new mobile Internet era. As a leading brand of network solutions in China, Ruijie has dedicated to cultivating technology and product innovation, providing complete solutions for traditional local media with its innovative applications and “Network Simplicity” products. Ruijie ensures a high-speed, stable and secure network for the news media.
During the Sochi Winter Olympics Games, Ruijie assigned engineers with strong technical skills and rich experience in operation and maintenance for 24/7 on-site duties. Meanwhile, the teams behind were also ready to provide high-quality services and products to fully support the operation of Xinhua News Agency mobile platform.