HONG KONG, 5 July 2013 - Under the continuous network technology development, BYOD application rises rapidly in recent years and becomes an integral part of many enterprises in commercial applications. According to a survey conducted by Aberdeen Group shows that more than 70% of companies are using BYOD technologies. For this reason, BYOD security and coverage are the major factors of companies who value in order to make their businesses are not hampered due to network problems. In this regard, Ruijie provides a new direction in BYOD which can truly meet the new demands of customers.

Ruijie Networks Solutions Day will be held at 14:30 on July 17 at The Mira Hong Kong which aims at providing insight of the BYOD network solutions to companies. Under the new solutions, the time required for user authentication and visitors’ authorization can be greatly reduced, accompanied by concise safety control which can ultimately meet the BYOD requirements of strong security, wide coverage and ease of management. During the event, audiences can witness latest BYOD demonstrations and detailed explanations to help business managers to develop further long-term network development blueprint. Also, the event will also include VSU technology addressing virtualization issues.  New VSU technologies from Ruijie not only reach the aims of switches virtualization which helps to reduce the complexity of managing the network but also improve equipment availability implying the better use of the entire network.


Another focus of the event is highlighting how the latest wireless solutions from Ruijie solve a variety of network coverage problem which can provide guidance direction for companies having interests in developing wireless networking solutions. Ruijie’s exclusive patented technology (X-Sense) Smart antenna solutions can fully exploit the flexibility of product and solve the problem of die-bit office network in order to greatly enhance network coverage as well as minimizing the degree of interference. On the other hand, with the increasingly important responsibilities of the IT department, enterprises are also expecting higher requirements to them. In this regard, Ruijie provides ITSM solutions which can visualize the IT business value and quantify the IT infrastructure with related applications effectively. Hence, it can help managers achieving fine management of IT.


Ruijie believes that with the continuous development of the world, companies’ success also depend on continuous improvement in all aspects especially network in order to increase their overall value. Ruijie Networks Solutions Day is a well-designed event bringing the latest information about networking solutions to help enterprise management personnel ready for the company's most comprehensive network, create higher network advantages and ultimately bring greater business opportunities for companies.


About Ruijie


Ruijie is a leading brand in China's network solutions which dedicated to continuous technological innovation, constantly improve the customers’ experience of network and create new value for customers. Ruijie has 38 branches and its marketing and service network covering Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Ruijie has more than 3100 employees whom more than 1,600 R & D personnel working in five research and development centers located in Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Tianjin. Each year, Ruijie puts 15% of the sales revenue into R & D, of which 30% are invested in high-end technology preliminary research, helping its customers and partners to become the beneficiaries of the new era. For company information, please visit http://www.ruijienetworks.com/