On February 17, Meng Jianzhu, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security, led a delegation to visit Ruijie Networks on an observation and research tour. Members of the delegation include Sun Chunlan (Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee), Wang Yongqing (Deputy Secretary General of the State Council), Chen Hua (Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Vice Governor of the Fujian Provincial People's Government), Ye Shuangyu (Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and its General Secretary), Su Zengtian ((Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Secretary of Politics and Law Committee of Fujian Province), and Niu Jigang (Director General of Fujian Provincial Public Security Department). They were received cordially by Liu Jieming (Chairman of Fujian Provincial Electronic Information Group), Huang Yihao (Board Chairman of Ruijie Networks), Ruan Jiayong (General Manager of Ruijie Networks), and Lin Bing (Executive Deputy General Manager of Ruijie Networks).
During the tour, Lin Bing acquainted Meng Jianzhu with Ruijie Networks self-developed products (including network equipment, security appliances, and GPS), service development conditions, and applications of the public security system. Meng Jianzhu, along with his delegation, paid close attention to a wide range of strategic burgeoning industries, including cloud computing, Internet of Things (loT), and next-generation networks, and spoke highly of forward-looking solutions applied in government and public security sectors. Furthermore, they heartily approved of Ruijie Networks' persistence on presenting users with innovative convergence applications and solutions, improving core customer values, while sharpening the core competitive edge of Ruijie Networks by virtue of its indigenous innovation capabilities.
The focus of Meng Jianzhu's visit was on how to improve real-world performance of public security agencies against the backdrop of information technology (IT). Meng Jianzhu emphasized that as a national-level innovative enterprise and a leading provider of communications services in the west coast economic zone, Ruijie Networks was expected to:
  • Blaze new trails and seize emerging opportunities in the west coast construction while setting foot in Fujian Province.
  • Take advantage of its innovative edge, fit-for-purpose products and solutions, and advanced informationized solutions to help improve the network information security in the public security sector.
  • Leverage its strength in science and technology and take an active part in establishing IT-based public security systems to make due contributions to the development of the west coast economic zone by leaps and bounds.