Beijing, China, March 28, 2012 — The National Information Center (NIC) and Ruijie Networks signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will expand in-depth cooperation on talent training for e-government extranet, construction of integrated operation, maintenance and support platforms, cutting-edge network technologies, subject researches, extranet propaganda, and periodical publishing. Du Ping, Deputy Managing Director of NIC and National E-government Extranet Management Center, Shen Dafeng, Deputy Director of NIC and National E-government Extranet Management Center, Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks, and Hu Pengju, Vice President of Ruijie Networks were present at the signing ceremony. Zhou Min, Deputy Director of the National E-government Extranet Management Center Office, presided over the signing ceremony.
The Twelfth Five-Year Plan period is a critical stage for making a breakthrough in the construction of e-government extranet. The NIC and Ruijie Networks will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in line with the principle of mutual complementation, mutual benefit, and joint development. The two parties will jointly initiate and establish a talent training fund, which is used for training talents in batches and in different stages at provincial, municipal and county levels for the national e-government extranet development through advanced chief information officer (CIO) courses, CIO forums, and elite competitions. The two parties will also make full use of their respective advantageous resources to undertake research on cutting-edge technologies, carry out media promotions, and publish books on e-government. In addition, the two parities will jointly conduct research on the construction plan of a unified operation & maintenance (O&M) support platform and carry out platform application demonstrations and improvements.
Du Ping, Deputy Managing Director of NIC, said at the signing ceremony, "The NIC attaches great importance to the cooperation with Ruijie Networks. Our close cooperation will help improve the technical level of the national e-government extranet team and is of great significance to the construction and development of e-government extranet." Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks, expressed his hope that as the cooperation progresses, the two parties would vigorously continue to develop an omni-directional and multi-level cooperation so as to jointly impel the development of e-government extranet and make new contributions to national IT-based industry.
It is reported that NIC has a long-standing history of cooperation with Ruijie Networks. Since 2008, Ruijie Networks has been dedicated to researching e-government extranet and developing solutions geared for industrial applications. Up to now, Ruijie e-government extranet solutions have been applied in more than 20 provinces such as Xinjiang, Qinghai, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Liaoning and Fujian. Leveraging a profound understanding of and broad experience in e-government extranet projects, Ruijie Networks has attended many provincial seminars on e-government extranet hosted by NIC (National E-government Extranet Management Center) and activities of E-government Management Practice Case Collection and Evaluation to share up-to-the-minute product technologies and construction experience.