The 18th CERNET Annual Conference – Congress of Members was held in November 6 to 11, 2011, in the green city Nanning. Ruijie was invited to attend the conference for the 11th times. In this conference, Ruijie shared a keynote speech with all the participants, namely, the optimal practice of the service-oriented and further-borne cloud campus network.


Ruijie proposed the service-oriented and future-borne cloud campus network solution in the 17th annual conference in 2010. One year later, Ruijie has made encouraging progress in the practice and implementation of the cloud campus network. Feng Bing, the consultant of Education Industry Department, reported the optimal practice and achievements at each stage of the cloud campus network. With the borne-based cloud campus network, the services of China Criminal Police University are integrated and network central value is improved. The service-oriented and five-in-one network construction project for Changshu Institute of Science and Technology achieves deep network access behavior analysis and data mining. The network well supports the decision-making of various business departments and leading departments and manifests the value of campus network. The service-oriented IT O&M construction project in Tsinghua University implements the carding of current complex O&M process and improves the O&M efficiency to the greatest extent.
The optimal practice of cloud campus network projects for three universities shows that the construction of cloud campus network brings huge benefits for campus informatization and strategic policies. The construction direction and implementation process are instructive for the long-term and comprehensive construction of the cloud campus network in other universities. The optimal practice arouses strong endorsement from participants. Ruijie will continue to engage in the comprehensive implementation and development of cloud campus network solution on the basis of the optimal practice experience.