Recently, the national environmental information and statistical capacity building project was finally settled and Ruijie Networks won the bid of the provincial part of the project with strong technical strength, rich experience in government and tailored industry service solutions and will provide network support to the environment protection efforts in west China. After the project is completed, the special network for environment protection will provide connection through national, provincial, township and county levels, thus providing a supporting environment to the operation of the environment protection network. Data transmission, sharing and application, business application support, statistical information based on other environmental capacity will be increased dramatically. Data transmission, sharing and application, business application support, statistical basis and other environmental information capacity will be increased dramatically.

As one of the biggest government network construction project, it involves the Department of Environmental Protection, 31 Provincial Environmental Protection departments (bureaus), Environmental Protection Bureau of Xinjiang Construction Corps, and 350 prefecture-level environmental protection bureaus, 3023 District and county Environmental Protection departments and the institutions directly under the Ministry of Environment Protection Authority, China Environmental Monitoring Station, Environmental Engineering Assessment Centre of Environmental Protection Department, 6 Environmental Inspect Centers and Environmental Monitoring Center at all levels, and Environmental Monitoring Department. As the backbone links from the Ministry of Environmental Protection to Provincial Environmental Protection Offices (Bureaus) are realized through the e-government extranet, so we need to design docking network to the e-government extranet. Meanwhile, in order to ensure a relative independent and secure environmental protection network, we need to design the detailed MPLS VPN solution from the national to provincial levels.

In accordance with the above construction requirements, Ruijie Networks tailor made a solution to this project: complete business separation plan, and secure critical services through rational separation of general administration services and provincial services; comprehensive e-government solutions which allow the connection between provincial environmental protection networks and the headquarters network through e-government extranet; detailed planning for all provincial environmental networks and provincial horizontal and vertical network connections on the basis of user service application.

It is reported that after years of steady development, Ruijie products and solutions have mature and reached industry-leading level, and are with strong competitive strength even in high-threshold government procurement. Currently, Ruijie has made great breakthroughs in government sectors by successfully providing services to the Auditing Administration, Supreme People's Court, Ministry of Land and resources, and more than 30 national ministries in over 20 provinces, and Ruijie Networks has become a trusted partner of the government customers.