Government leaders, experts including Shen Dafeng, SIC Deputy Director, Liu Zengming, Technical Team Leader of Extranet Office, Guo Hong, Security Team Leader of Extranet Office, Ren Jinqiang, Certification Team Leader of Extranet Office, Li shengdong, Qinghai SIC Director, and Liu Zhongdong, CEO of Ruijie Networks delivered speeches at the conference.

The government affairs extranet is the national public network with non-confidential government information. It is constructed to enhance government administration and management, so that the government can better serve its people. And the network can also help reduce duplicate construction and save investment, and promote inter-department communication and information sharing. As of August 31, 2010, the national government network has been made available in 31 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and further to prefecture-level cities and towns via local government networks vertically. Horizontally, 70 ministries, more than 17,900 provincial and county government departments have access to government extra network with the access terminals reaching more than 430,000 units in total.

The construction of government extranet is still challenged in many ways as it bears the mission of “consolidating government administration and serving the people”. As pointed out By Shen Dafeng, we still have miles to walk before we achieve the target of Article 988 of “touching the bottom vertically and reaching edges horizontally”, and local network construction remains out of step. Therefore Director Shen put forward the requirements for the following efforts: establish the concept of the whole network, do a good job in system construction; make security checks to ensure network security; carry out planning to ensure future development; put in place the matching funds, put forward construction; strengthen Internet export monitoring for unified egress management; promote the construction of the certification system to enable it serve the whole network as soon as possible; focus on operation and maintenance management to support network flow.

As the preferred brand of network equipment for the government, Ruijie has always been committed to providing customized products and solutions for government information development, and has a deep understanding of e-government platform, network planning, network security, and network management. At the meeting, Ruijie put forward their points of view on the problems in government extranet construction. Ruijie believes that building a unified government operation and maintenance support system represents the inevitable future of network development as it is aimed for unified command, unified scheduling, and unified maintenance of the whole network and unified, standard and automotive procedure of daily operation and maintenance, reservation of service notes as the foundation for business statistics collecting, assessment, and monitoring. At the meeting, Ruijie also detailed its RIIL solutions tailored for the government extranet operation and maintenance and RIIL was approved by the experts unanimously.

Experts believe that the construction of e-government extranet plays a critical role in realizing resources sharing, enhancing inter-department coordination, strengthening macro-control, improving the regulatory capacity of government departments and service levels, increasing administrative transparency, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and the development of a diligent and honest government. The convening of this seminar will make the e-government extranet construction more professional, orderly and healthy.