Custom service is one of the main reasons for us to choose Ruijie Networks.
— Network Research Center of Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University ranks among the top universities in China and is one of the top talent cultivation and R&D bases.  Since June 2007, Ruijie Networks has worked with Tsinghua University on four large campus network projects, that is, Tsinghua University Zijing apartment network, Tsinghua University dormitory network, Tsinghua University one-card-through network, and Tsinghua University DCE-DEP-DEE network. By December 2008, Ruijie Networks has delivered over 2,000 network devices and more than 40,000 information nodes to Tsinghua University.

Upgraded dormitory network
Tsinghua University started its dormitory network reconstruction towards a secure and trustable network in June 2007. More than 500 units of Ruijie Networks RG-S2924G and RG-S2128G were used as building convergence switches and access switches of the dormitory network respectively, providing over 10,000 network access ports.

The dormitory network had a three-layer architecture, where one RG-S2924G was deployed in each dormitory room and was connected to the campus core through dual links for redundancy. The access switches provided anti-DHCP, anti-ARP, and loop elimination functions to ensure campus network security and stability.

Custom one-card-through network
In September 2008, Ruijie Networks constructed the Tsinghua University one-card-through network using a custom technical solution for security, stability, and expandability.

More than 70 units of Ruijie Networks RG-S3250-24, RG-S2924G, RG-WALL 1600, and RSR20-04 were used for the project. RG-S3250-24s were deployed around the campus as access devices, providing uninterrupted services for more than 100 campus card access points. Application server farms were connected through multiple links to ensure sufficient bandwidth and line availability. Front-end firewalls were deployed to provide security for application servers, while RG-S2924G Gigabit intelligent switches ensured secure data exchange between servers.

 Stable and secure DCE-DEP-DEE network
In June 2008, Tsinghua University cooperated with Ruijie Networks again in constructing the DCE-DEP-DEE network. Six Ruijie Networks 10G NGN backbone routing switches were deployed to form a 10G ring; 94 RG-S3250-24 access stacking devices were connected to the core switching network through dual Gigabit links, providing access for over 2,000 information nodes in the building. The complete redundancy design guaranteed stabile and reliable network operation of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Engineering Physics, and Department of Electronic Engineering.

Multiservice and easy-to-manage Zijing apartment network
In December 2008, Tsinghua University decided to reconstruct its Zijing apartment network to provide better network services for its faculty and undergraduates. Ruijie Networks RG-S2628G, the secure intelligent switch on the basis of new-generation hardware architecture, was adopted for the reconstruction. This switch featured high-performance, security, multiservice, and IPv6 capabilities, and could adapt to the development of the network.

The network had a three-layer architecture, where one convergence switch was deployed in each apartment and was connected to the campus core through dual links for redundancy. Totally 1350 RG-S2628Gs were deployed to provide network access for over 25,000 ports in 23 Zijing apartment buildings.

The cooperation between Tsinghua University and Ruijie Networks in these projects shows the university’s recognition of our company. According to the Network Research Center of Tsinghua University commented, “Ruijie Networks’ network equipment and solutions provide stability, high availability, and outstanding support capabilities for new applications and new media. This helps us improve work efficiency. And custom service is one of the main reasons for us to choose Ruijie Networks.”

With its high-performance and high-quality products, custom solutions, and professional and available services, Ruijie Networks has helped Tsinghua University deploy a complete network system that can adapt to the current and future requirements of the university. A secure and stable network provides Tsinghua faculty and undergraduates a platform to complete teaching, studying, researching, and management tasks. Tsinghua University will continue its effort to become one of the top international universities in terms of education informationization.