Recently, the network construction project for National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids (NRCRTA), Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C. officially launched. Industry-leading network equipment and solutions provider Ruijie Networks will provide the center with customized solutions and cost-effective products, to build a stable and efficient network with 10G backbone and GE access.

NRCRTA is the only state-level institute that specialized in operations such as: research for rehabilitation technical aids and special equipments theory and clinical application, develop the technology of the rehab technical aids and special equipments, study out the standards in the rehab technical aids professional field, undertake the quality supervision and testing work for the rehab technical aids, undertake the relevant training and information service work. The NRCRTA's official said that, the keys that they selected Ruijie Networks as their partner, lies in a number of details in the solution Ruijie Networks designed addressing the customer requirement, the stable performance of the products, and the attentive service.

The dual-core redundancy design adopted by the solution, will further improve the overall stability of the network; separation of intranet and extranet will ensure the intranet application system security; the unique CPP function(CPU Protection Protocol) from Ruijie Networks switch will ensure full play of the processing capacity, improving the stability of the network topology and routing protocol.