Government Industry

Government networks are the windows for national information and are related to the national economy and the people’s lives. More and more services such as city emergency commanding, office system, document transfer are run on government networks. A unstable network will result in severe aftermath to the society. The intelligent and high availability IP technology of Ruijie Networks is devoted to constructing stable government networks.

National E-government Extranet

The national E-government extranet of China interconnects horizontally 16 central organizations and the party committee, the National People’s Committee, the people’s government, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the people’s court and the procuratorate, as well as interconnects vertically 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Crops, and bears the applications of the E-government throughout China.

RG-S8600 10G switches were put to trial in the National E-government Extranet of Beijing for a month between Oct. 28, 2008 and Nov. 27, 2008.

The following figure shows the topology of the National E-government Extranet (Remark: Operating environment: R9 is the core router of the central MAN, R12 is the access router of the central network management center, and RG-S8606 connects R9 and R12).

In the one-month trial, the National E-government Extranet stably ran MPLS VPN and its functions like LDP, OSPF multi-instance and cross-domain on the RGOS system platform in the real environment to implement service isolation and network access via the uniform egress. It was recognized by the National Information Center. A series of security tests such as routing protocol encryption (OSPF and BGP) and security management information (SNMP) were conducted to ensure the security of protocol information.

After successful operation of the above mentioned functions, the National Information Center tested the single point fault free design such as dual engine hot backup, hot plugging and redundant power supply in the real environment. The test result (for example, 0 packet loss during engine switchover) was approved by the National Information Center and RG-S8600 was recognized for being able to satisfy the requirements of the National Government Extranet.

The following figure shows the test report produced by the National Information Center.

Dalian E-government Network

The Dalian E-government has been taking the lead in the whole nation. Together with the government websites of Beijing and Shanghai, “Dalian China”, the government portal website maintained by the Dalian Municipal Information Center is appraised as the first three leading government websites in China. With the expansion of the service scopes of the Dalian Municipal Information Center, the Information Center started to construct the E-government MAN for Dalian in 2008 and planed to run the services of the municipal and county organizations and bureaus of Dalian on the government extranet.

To ensure that the E-government network can stably bear multiple government services and services of organizations and bureaus on the Dalian China website after the Dalian E-government network is constructed, the Dalian Municipal Information Center evaluates the networking solution (switching network versus routing networking) and tests the product in real situation before selecting 10 sets of our S8600 equipment as the core for the construction of the 10G MPLS E-government network of Dalian.

The RG-S8600 10G switch MAN has stably borne the e-government services of over 60 organizations since June 2008. The MPLS VPN is adopted in the entire network to implement service isolation, office coordination, uniform egress for network access and government resource sharing among departments. This is fully compliant with the national e-government requirements.

The RG-S8600 features RGOS modular architecture, distributed service processing, and strict separation of data forwarding from protocol control layer that ensure the stability of the core of the entire network. The single point fault free design (passive backplane, engine hot backup and redundant fan power supply) of the single core RG-S8600 of the convergence and data center ensures the reliability and stability of single node. Intelligent and fast link fault detection (BFD) and perfect reboot are supported to ensure the reliability and stability of the entire network.

Video Conference System of Hunan Provincial Education Department
Altogether 19 sets of RG-S8600 10G switches have been used to construct the routing network of the Hunan Provincial Education Department in the entire province since 2007.

The dual system hot backup, link convergence and distributed service forwarding at the provincial center ensure the stability of core services, while the reliability of the single core distributed in various cities and towns is ensured via the single-point fault free design and the engine hot backup mechanism.