Education Industry

The network of the education industry features large scale, complex applications, and openness to user groups. The intelligent and high availability IP technology can effectively help users construct an open, integrated and stable network core.

Jilin University

The Jilin University is among the first groups of universities that were approved as the 211 Project University and is listed in the 985 Project. The local people in Changchun City consider Changchun lies in the Jilin University instead of Jilin University lies in Changchun City. The scale of Jilin University also determines the big scale of the campus network of Jilin University and the network is quite complex. There are more than 60,000 information nodes in the network of Jilin University and the computers accessing the network in real time are more than 46,000 sets.

Three sets of RG-S8600s were used in 2007 to construct the 10G core loop network (connected to Cisco 7600 of the campuses in the downlink). In this environment, the daily core CPU utilization is below 5% and they bear various large scale, complex applications of the university.

The traffic from the core RG-S8600 to the egress Cisco12000 gigabit link reached up to a gigabit right on the day of network switchover of Jilin University. As shown in the figure, there is a big difference in network traffic at around 12:00 midday, the time the core was switched over.

The switchover was conducted at noon on Monday. The maximum traffic during the network access peak hours, namely, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday before the switchover was about 500M. With the powerful processing capability of RG-S8600, the traffic reached up to a gigabit from Monday to Thursday after the switchover, which doubled the previous traffic.

The maximum CPU utilization of S8600 in a day after switchover was 5%, and the average CPU utilization was between 1% and 3%.

The CPU utilization of S8600 at the weekend of the week after switchover was between 1% and 5%. However, the CPU utilization of S8600 through Monday to Thursday was only between 1% and 3%.

Jimei University

During the Eleventh Five-year Plan of the campus network of Jimei University, the campus network construction concept was to construct a high speed, stable, secure, controllable and manageable network. The first choice was to construct a fundamental, open and stable network platform.

In view of this concept, Jimei University finally chose RG-S8600 as the core of the campus to connect up to the campus network core Cisco 6509 during the network reconstruction in 2007, and RG-S3760 was chosen for the campus to connect RG-S2100 series. In addition, GSNs were deployed in the entire network.

The RG-S8600 of the main campus of Jimei University serving as the gateway disabled all the security policies in the L2 environment of 8000 information points and enabled multiple functions such as OSPFv2, OSPFv3 (IPv6), DHCP and NTP between Jan. 10 and Jan. 16, 2007.

During the one-week test, the average CPU utilization of the equipment was below 10% in the case of a lot of functions were enabled thanks for the modular RGOS system software and the strict separation of the data forwarding layer from the control layer. The equipment was running stably.