In the morning on January 15, Hu Jintao, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the President of the country and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, who makes an inspection tour in Fujian, and Wang Gang, the alternate member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee and the director of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, visit the Star-net Ruijie Science-based Industrial Park accompanied by the secretary of the Provincial Committee of the CPC and the governor of Fujian Province. Leaders of Star-net Ruijie report enterprise development and achievements in technical innovation of Star-net Ruijie in recent years to President Hu.

At the Star-net Ruijie Science-based Industrial Park, leaders of Star-net Ruijie explain the growth history of Star-net Ruijie and the enterprise concept "Technical Innovation, Application Integration" to President Hu. President Hu stands before the exhibition desk with great interests, looking at a series of network products researched and developed by Ruijie Networks independently and carefully listening to related introductions. Later, President Hu visits the new, secure and reliable industry leading next generation network solution and product lines of Ruijie Networks. He often asks the accompanying leaders of Ruijie about production and management of products. President Hu is very pleased to learn that Ruijie has not only developed leading technologies, but also scored great marketing achievements. President Hu fully affirms the achievements that Ruijie Networks has attained and its enterprise development concept of technical innovation and development of national information industry.

Before leaving the Star-net Ruijie Science-based Industrial Park, President Hu delivers an important speech. He urges to aggressively drive technical innovation, accelerate establishment of an innovation system, and start some key projects, making an effort to make breakthroughs in key areas and processes, considerably boost the original innovation capability, integrated innovation capability and the capability to introduce, absorb and then innovate, and continuously increase the rate of contribution of the scientific and technological progress to the economic growth. President Hu emphasizes that the information industry should be developed as the first industry in China. We should insist on the way of independent technical innovation to build an innovation-oriented country.

Since it was founded, Ruijie Networks has considered technical innovation as the basis of survival and growth of the enterprise and insisted on the way of independent innovation and independent manufacturing and building its own brands. In the past six years, with the scale and technical strength ever increasing, Ruijie Networks not only scored outstanding achievements in marketing, but also made great achievements in the technical innovation fields. President Hu's visit to Ruijie Networks again reflects emphasis of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on technical innovation and their care for growth of national hi-tech enterprises. President Hu's visit and his significant speech on the information industry and technical innovation will surely motivate Ruijie Networks to work energetically for the prosperity of the country and insist on technical innovation to drive growth of Chinese informatization industry.