Now, the Global Security Solution (GSN) of Ruijie Networks has passed the strict test and assessment conducted by the Software & Integrated Circuit Promotion Center of the Ministry of Information Industry and awarded as the Excellent Product in Network Security Category for 2008 Infor-China. Meanwhile, GSN is also recognized as the Network Security Solution for State Electronic Government.

In order to sharpen the competitive edge of excellent software and hardware solutions developed in China, the Ministry of Information Industry launches Infor-China (the full name is "Infor-China - Public Brands of Excellent Products, Excellent Solutions and Excellent Cases in Informatization in China). This program is intended for simplifying the process in which users select solutions, increasing transparency of market information, and boosting the market competitiveness of excellent software and hardware solutions developed in China.

Sponsored by the Software & Integrated Circuit Promotion Center of the Ministry of Information Industry, the Infor-China Qualification Assessment activity is the starting process of the Infor-China program and is the most authoritative professional, systematic and market-oriented solution evaluation activity in Chinese information industry. At this time, the assessment includes four key processes, namely investigation, collection, evaluation, and announcement. In the GSN solution test, 77 test cases in total have been designed and executed, and 77 test cases are passed, with the pass rate 100%.

GSN consists of Ruijie security switch, Ruijie security management platform, Ruijie user authentication system, network intrusion detection system, and security recovery system. It realizes global linkage in the same network environment, enabling every device to be able to protect the security. GSN achieves all-around network security, automatically defends threats to the network security and automatically recovers the damaged systems of the network by integrating imperative security of user network access, host information collection and health check, and equipment linkage under security events into a single network security solution. Moreover, its ability to learn automatically when the network environment changes and learn new network behaviors allows us to protect against unknown security events and realize the true proactive defense.

Now GSN also makes an encouraging achievement in the application. Statistics show that the number of new clients of the GSN solution reaches 300 thousand just in 2007, with the users from a variety of fields such as higher education, military, medical treatment, enterprise and operator. Concerning the qualification in Infor-China, a representative from Ruijie Networks said, "In the market environment featuring information asymmetry, the official organization drives product rating and help users differentiate between products and brands by conducting strict investigation, analysis and assessment. This not only effectively protects benefits of users, but also safeguards the independent intellectual property of national enterprises.