On May 9, 2009, prime Minister and the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Wen Jiabao visited Ruijie Networks Technology park, by the accompany of Lu Zhangong, Fujian Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Fujian Governor Huang Xiaojing and others.

17:39, Premier Wen Jiabao and his entourage entered the hall of Start Net Ruijie Networks. At that moment, the hall was filled with prolonged applause, and more than 100 present employees lined up to welcome Premier Wen with the most enthusiastic applause and cheers “How are you, Mr. Premier”. Premier Wen smiled and waved to all the present staff.

After that, by the accompany of Liu Jieming, the CEO of Fujian Electronic Information Group, Huang Yihao, CEO of Start-Net Ruijie Networks, Wan Jiayong, president of Ruijie Networks, VP Lin Bin and others, Premier Wen visited the exhibition hall in the 1st floor. Lin Bin, introduced the end user products which is researched and developed independently by Ruijie Networks, industry leading network solutions, video application system products served for industry informationization and medical care informationization, system application solution and 3G data communication products served for NGN. Finally Premier Wen Jiabao and his entourage stayed in front of the fix-line payment products from Start Net Ruijie with great interests and learned details of the development of the innovation products that has entered thousands of household. During the tour, Premier Wen communicated with the management team of Ruijie Networks on the innovation products and building innovation enterprise culture.

In the Start Net Ruijie exhibition hall, VP Lin Bin reported to Premier Wen on the i-star innovation culture of Start Net Ruijie, “Scientific Innovation, Integrated Application” and other innovation fruits such as Ruijie was listed the first national innovation enterprise. Premier We praised Ruijiie for its continuous pursuit of innovation, and for its fruitful achievements made on technology innovation.

Before departure on Ruijie Company, Premier Wen called friendly all the present staff and encourages them with deep love:

Innovation means strength and leading position, Innovation means dignity and development. If a nation and its nationality want to win the respect from all over the rest of world, they must have their own innovation products, own intellectual property and highly innovation capability and educational qualities.

The highly attention on the innovation and trust on Start Net Ruijie staff from Premier Wen, again wins prolong applause from all the present employee of Start Net Ruijie. In the end, Premier Wen proposed to take photos with all the young people of Ruijie, and shakes hands in farewell.

Despite of the short stay of Premier Wen in Start Net Ruijie Company, his friendly image, charm, the care and love of the young generation, care of the innovation enterprise like Ruijie and the highly attention on innovation, will always be remembered in the bottom of hearts of Ruijie Network employees.

In Jan,2006, President of China Hu Jintao visited Ruijie Networks and encouraged all the staff of Ruijie Networks to stick to the road of innovation and development, and to make efforts and contribution to build a innovation nation. In the past three years, employees of Ruijie Networks have been making progress in the road of innovation under the courage President Hu. Three years later, Premier Wen visited Ruijie Networks again and proposed new expectations for young people who are dedicated to the innovation. We believe that , in the journey of innovation, all the staff of Ruijie Networks will surely live up to the expectations and trusts of Premier Wen, and will win strength by innovation, win leading position by innovation, win growth by innovation, and win respect by innovation!