Exam Code:  E8311
Purpose:  This exam is to assessed on how the candidates grasp the fundamental of network knowledge and the ability to manage and configure Ruijie networking equipment to implement interconnections

Conditions:E8311 needs to obtain E8211 certification,or not is sued E8311 certificat

Test Type:  B-Written
Price:  USD $1600(inclusive of 4-day training and exam fee)
Enrollment Prerequisite:  None
Exam Duration: 110 minutes

Number of Questions:  About 60 choice questions and one experiment case study question(include 10 choice questions)
Question Type:
The choice question includes single-choice questions and multi-choice questions.

Examiner: Ruijie Networks
Enrollment Method:
The exam is to be held online and it is carried out separately with the training. Candidates must attend to the exam in designated exam centers.
Exam Policy:  Click  Exam Policy and Exam Requirements.

Knowledge Points:

  • VLAN
  • MSTP and VRRP
  • RLDP
  • Aggregate-port
  • SPAN
  • Static route
  • OSPF
  • Policy based routing
  • IP ACL
  • ARP Spoofing Prevention
  • NFPP
  • NAT
  • Case