Exam Code: E9121
Purpose:  This exam is to assessed on how the candidates grasp the fundamental of Switching knowledge and the ability to manage and configure Ruijie switch equipment to implement interconnections.

Test Type:  B-Written and Lab
Price:  USD $500 (inclusive of 2-day training and exam fee)
Examination method: Written and Lab in classroom

Written Exam Duration:  30 minutes
Number of Questions:  About 25 choice questions
Question Type:  The choice question includes single-choice questions and multi-choice questions .

Lab Exam Duration: 45 minutes

Examiner: Ruijie Networks

Knowledge Points:

  • RGOS features
  • VSU
  • VLAN
  • Security
  • Redundancy
  • CPP & NFPP
  • Spanning-tree
  • Aggregate-port
  • OSPF
  • DHCP
  • ACL
  • Production
  • Postsales support DO & DON'T
  • Project deployment guide
  • Case study