Product Overview

The E8311 Training is intended for network engineers who want to participate in the RCNP-Routing and Switching certification. It consists of instructor led training with lecture and practical hands-on sessions. The topics covered include (but not limited to): VLAN, MSTP, VRRP, RLDP, Aggregate ports, SPAN, ARP Spoofing Prevention etc.


Course Objective

Upon completion of this training, the trainee will be able to:
• Outline the required technical knowledge points in RCNP routing and switching certification
• Outline the redundancy design of Ruijie L2 and L3 switches
• Outline the safety and reliability features of Ruijie switches
• Outline the dynamic routing protocols in RGOS configuration in Ruijie switches
• Identify the most effective routing control and routing strategy in the network


Product Content

This product contains a four-day course conducted by Ruijie authorized instructors. The application need to be submitted to the Ruijie Networks University one month ahead.
The training contents are as follows:
Theory Sessions
Chapter 1 network switching technology Chapter 2 network routing technology
Chapter 3 Campus network security technology Chapter 4 Campus network gateway technology
Practical Hands-on Sessions
5.aggregate-port 6.SPAN
7.static routing 8.policy based routing
9.IP ACL 10.prevent arp spoofing
11.NFPP 12.NAT
13.Industry application case and comprehensive experiment  


Target Audience

The E8311 Exam is intended for the following technical personnel:
• Professionals with at least 2 years of practical experience in network engineering and implementation who aim to further enhance their technical capabilities
• Existing and potential staffs of Ruijie partner and resellers who are responsible for network engineering and implementation
• Network integration engineer


Order Information

Ordering Information for This Product
Product Model Description
E8311 Training Contains a four-day course by Ruijie authorized instructors. You need to submit an application a month ahead.
Ordering Information for Related Products
Product Model Description
E8311 Exam The exam is necessary for RCNP-Routing and Switching. The validity period of certification is three years.  You must pass the E8311 exam to obtain the RCNP-Routing and Switching certificate.