Change Notice on Not Delivering Console Cables with S2/S3/S5 Series Box Switch


Ruijie Networks stopped delivering console cables with box switches of S2528P/S26/S29/S37E/S5510E/S57 series from November 3, 2015.

This change notice is intended for customers using Ruijie box switches of S2528P/S26/S29/S37E/S5510E/S57 series. For details, see the following text.

2. Change Reason

1. Due to high reusability and low onsite usage, console cables would not be delivered with switches. Customers or partners need to prepare them on their own.

2. For any special demand, you can also order them separately based on the required quantity.

V-16130075-000 console cable, DB9 female connector-to-RJ45 male connector


3. Related Product Series

Product Series

Module/Board/System /Power Supply



S57E/S57S/S57P/S57H/S57L series switch

S26E/S26S/S26P/S26I series switch

S29E/S29S/S29P series switch

S2528P series switch

S37E series switch

S5510E series switch




4. Remarks

Please feel free to reach out to us on skype (skype account at any time you need help.