Located on the Huanshi East Road of Guangzhou City, the Poly Central Plaza is positioned as a flagship property providing luxury residential, office buildings, service apartments and shopping mall. The Poly Central Plaza plays an important role in establishing the commercial real estate brand for the Poly Real Estate Group, which regards it as a branding and experience breakthrough.  
Measuring more than 60,000m² in total constructed area, it is divided into the South Tower and the North Tower which are connected by a 9-meter-wide aerial sightseeing corridor. The Poly Central Plaza contains 5 floors of shopping mall and 2 floors of underground parking. The Poly Real Estate Group would like to:

  • Provide free Wi-Fi for consumers to enhance the Internet experience during shopping
  • Provide indoor navigation and car locating service via Wi-Fi positioning to give the consumers a new shopping experience
  • Increase WeChat followers via our Wi-Fi service and launch a series of marketing activities on WeChat so that the followers will eventually become online and offline customers.
  • Analyze customer flow to provide a basis for decision making when relocating and leasing shops, organizing activities, etc. so as to enhance the operational capability

Solution Overview
Ruijie customized a wireless precision marketing solution targeted for shopping malls for the Poly Central Plaza based on their deployment needs. The high-performance wireless products, MCP cloud marketing platform and RBIS Business Intelligence Analysis System of the solution can stimulate consumer demand and extend the user experience from online to offline, thereby achieving closed-loop marketing.

  • Wireless AP:Over 100 APs are deployed in the shopping mall. Via the antenna gain of the X-Sense Smart Antenna, full coverage of the free Wi-Fi in the Poly Central Plaza can be achieved.  
  • Locating Engine:The wireless 3-point positioning technology enables features such as indoor navigation, car locating service, etc.
  • MCP Wi-Fi Precision Marketing Platform:MCP offers the ultimate WeChat authentication experience to customers. By clicking on the link to connect to the Poly Central SSID, the customers will be redirected to the WeChat portal. After following Poly Central’s WeChat account, they can connect to the Wi-Fi for free Internet access.
  • RBIS Business Intelligence Analysis System:RBIS can detect customers’ Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and collect data for intelligent analysis to help the administrators monitor customer flow, shop visit rate, visit duration, etc. The effectiveness of window advertising can also be evaluated so that the precision marketing can be more efficient.

Solution Value

  • Attract WeChat Followers:The number of followers has increased by 5 million in 3 months with an average increase of 213 followers per day. On the day of promotional event, the increase of followers is over 600, bringing 15,000 new followers to Poly Central.
  • Customer Flow Statistics:Customer flow statistics of weekdays, weekends and holidays can be provided. For example, peak customer flow, customer flow of the mall/ different floors/ anchor stores, customer count, total traffic, shop visit rate, stay-in-shop customer flow, customer flow of the shops: average increase of 10.04% per month, customer flow of the South and the North Tower: average increase of 30%~33% per month.
  • Event Performance Monitoring (Electronic Fence):Monitor the customer flow during events to provide decision support for the tenants and for rent adjustment.
  • Tenant Adjustment:Monitor the customer flow of each tenant and expand the shops with high customer flow while relocating the tenants with lower customer flow to smaller shops.
  • Graphical Marketing Platform for Data Analysis:Perform data mining and analysis for customer behavior, membership system and shopping credits using the customer flow analysis system which can label the customers with graphical tags so that precision marketing can be achieved via Ruijie MCP, RBIS or VIFNN.
  • VIFNN WeChat Shake (iBeacon-free): VIFNN does not require hardware support for WeChat Shake, thereby offering a better marketing experience.